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By The Moment Lab Team

Britney Spears is allegedly broke. Despite her denials, press reports have emerged that she has blown her fortune and is struggling with her mental health. Footage of paramedics visiting a barefoot, shirtless Spears at the Chateau Marmont failed to boost her denials.

If Spears is, indeed, broke, she will have to do the one thing she hasn’t done since her conservatorship ended: To quote her music, she’s gotta work, bitch. 

What are some ways Spears could replenish her coffers? Our marketing and publicity experiences point to several options:

  1. Join OnlyFans

Spears hates working and considers herself retired. But if she’s spending more than interest on her investments, she can quickly start uploading content to OnlyFans. She already posts half-naked images on Instagram, and OnlyFans is the next step. If Bhad Bhabie raked in millions, Spears should earn tens of millions. She goes on Instagram for free. She should monetize via OnlyFans. 

  1. Perform a Greatest Hits Residency

Spears also denies new recording rumors and hates touring. Fans, though, still love her old music. She could compromise and book a new residency in Las Vegas or on Broadway, playing the hits. 

One obstacle: Spears’s erratic behavior may make it difficult for her to be insured. Without insurance, promoters will balk. But there is an alternative… 

  1. Release an Album & Agree to a Super Bowl Ad

Spears wrote a few songs, but her repertoire revolves around singing other writers’ tunes. She can hire writers to pen some new songs and record them in a studio. The bare minimum will fail to cover her expenses (musicians make money on tours), but it would be an opportunity for a Super Bowl ad. Brands would line up to pay her money for a quick ad. A new album would be the perfect hook for such a TV spot. 

  1. Sign a Deal for a Documentary

Spears likely doesn’t want to do that work. She’s trying to sell her film life rights, but that payday only happens if the movie gets greenlit. As Madonna learned when Universal canceled her film, these biopics sometimes never get off the ground. However, if Spears sat down for a documentary–where she finally spilled about her mental health history–she would likely receive a massive check. If Billie Eilish earned a reported $25 million for her documentary, Spears could make a real fortune if she spilled it. 

  1. The Full Monty: Album, Tour, Super Bowl Ad and Performance, and Documentary 

Now, if Spears really wanted to make a killing, she should disappear for a bit, refrain from posting, then return with a full comeback: an album, Super Bowl ad and performance, world tour that played new music and hits, and a documentary that told the truth and also went into the behind the scenes of a comeback. For a press stunt, she might even want to do OnlyFans still. She would need to work with her team to create a careful calendar for this multi-step comeback. Going full monty could make her more than she has earned since her Las Vegas residency. 

It sounds like Spears’s current state would prevent her from a full monty, but she’s more than equipped for a documentary, OnlyFans, and ad deals.

Now is the time for her to capitalize before people lose interest in her narrative. After all, fame is fickle. People move on. If her behavior grows more bizarre, companies may refrain from working with her. Each day that passes, her earning potential decreases. She should strike while the iron is hot. 

What do you think Spears should do to make money again?