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Not your average agency

Welcome to The Moment Lab, where passion meets purpose, and where we believe that exceptional brands are built by embracing the unconventional.

The Moment Lab is not your average marketing agency. We are the catalysts of creativity, the architects of impact, and the mastermind behind memorable brand moments. Welcome to a world where ordinary is never an option, and every moment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

A Authenticity
We are honest in our work, with our team, clients, and partners.
B Boldness
We never hesitate to take the path less traveled and are fearless in our efforts.
R Reliability
You can always count on us, especially when it counts the most.
C Creativity
We are both deliberate and spontaneous in our creative efforts.
L Loyalty
Through thick and thin, we are devoted to our clients, partners, and employees.
H Humor
We use it in our work and in our interactions. If we're not having a little fun, then what are we even doing here?

Everyone is a brand

Brands, much like individuals, are defined by the moments they create. These moments become memories that establish an emotional bond between the brand and its audience.

Think about the brands that have left a lasting impression on you. Whether it was a captivating commercial, a thought-provoking billboard, a daring stunt, a resonant social message, or a viral campaign, it’s those defining moments that stick in our minds. They embody the values and personality of the company, evoking thoughts, emotions, and connections that endure.

In today’s competitive landscape, where countless companies vie for attention, dollars, and loyalty, standing out has never been more crucial. To make an impact, brands must seize the opportunity to create remarkable moments that leave a lasting imprint in the hearts and minds of their audience. At The Moment Lab, we understand this urgency and are here to help your brand rise above the noise and shine.

The duo behind The Moment Lab

Meet Matt and Jared

Fed up with the stuffy corporate agency culture

Matt and Jared embarked on a mission to create something different. In 2017, they brought their shared vision to life and founded The Moment Lab—an off-the-beaten-path agency that’s all about elevating brands to hero status.

Rejecting the norms of the industry

Matt and Jared established one crucial rule from the start: no suits and no ties. This liberated approach unleashed a tidal wave of creativity and innovation, propelling The Moment Lab to become one of the most unconventional yet successful agencies in North America.

But their story doesn't end there

Matt and Jared’s relentless pursuit of excellence and their commitment to pushing boundaries have propelled The Moment Lab to new heights. With an ever-growing team of like-minded individuals, they continue to make waves in the industry, creating extraordinary moments and leaving an indelible mark on the brands they work with.


Matt Yanofsky

Co-Founder & CEO

Jared Shapransky

Co-Founder & CMO

David Smajovits

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ariela Moyal

Director of Business Development

Mitchell Jackson

Director of Public Relations

Stu Stone

Creative Director

Zac Bidwell

Talent & Partnerships Manager

Adam Grumet

Marketing Coordinator

Haley Singerman

Creative Coordinator

Dayton Stang

Creative Coordinator

Erin Goodman

Entertainment Media Specialist

BJ Cunningham

Sports Media Specialist

Anna Nguyen