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Google changed advertising. Now, the tech giant is changing everything once again.

The company announced they are ending cookies (rest in peace) and implementing a new project called Google Sandbox.

Allegedly, it will protect consumer data while allowing companies to still deploy data for advertising.

The endeavor sparked drama across Madison Avenue. Every agency switched to digital ads. Now, the digital playbook–or, at least what many presumed was the digital playbook–is going up in smoke.

What’s a brand to do?

The advertising trade publication CMSWire reached out to Co-Founder of The Moment Lab, Jared Shapransky, for insight on how the new Google rules have changed marketing, and why creative marketing, such as press stunts, are now more important than ever:

Jared Shapransky, founder of digital marketing firm The Moment Lab, told CMSWire that Google imposing these restrictions is a wake up call for small businesses and also start-ups going to market. “Google has been the go-to platform for ads for years, but these changes will alter that equation,” said Shapransky, who emphasized that the days of buying some Google ads and calling it a day are, quite frankly, over.

“The time to be creative is now.”

Read more on CMSWire.

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