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Meghan and Harry have suffered months of negative press. The bad news recently hit a fever pitch with news that their charity, Archwell, was in legal trouble for potentially breaking charity laws. 

So who did the British newspaper The Mirror go to for an analysis of the situation? Well, our very own Moment Lab co-founder, Matt Yanofsky, of course. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Now, PR expert Matt Yanofsky has said this is “the biggest blow to Meghan and Harry yet”. He believes it could risk undoing all of the good deeds the couple have previously done.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Matt said: “The best thing Harry had going for him was his charitable work. His charity being labeled delinquent will damage all the good will he’s developed through his good deeds work.

“It’s going to be very hard to deflect their bad press away through charitable work now.” Archewell is currently restricted from undertaking activities requiring registration, such as soliciting or distributing charitable funds.

So, how do they fix this mess? It’s easy: They have to get their charity in line. They need to go above and beyond, proving they’ve followed the law. 

Now is also a great time for a splashy personal donation that makes an actionable difference, somewhere.

That’s the long term solution. In the short-term, they need to do what Meghan does best: Create gossip about herself that’s so wild, so dramatic, so sensational that people ignore the charity debacle. This is the only way forward for the royal couple. Otherwise, their troubles will continue to mount.