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Another day, another moment of the Moment Lab appearing in the news. Last week, the top British tabloid, the Mirror, asked our co-founder Matt Yanofsky for the 411 on how Kim Kardashian’s latest news cycle–let’s not rush and call it a scandal–will impact her brand.

The TLDR: Kardashian appeared on the Netflix roast of Tom Brady. Roasts are always mean, but when Kardashian walked up, the crowd booed her. This rarely happens. So, what does this mean for her business?

Here’s what Yanofsky had to say: 

The SKIMS founder also went viral as she was cruelly booed at a Netflix roast. Kim struggled to control the crowd, as Kevin Hart was forced to step in and urge people to stop. Despite the controversy, PR expert Matt Yanofsky believes Kim is still “relevant”.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Matt said: “Kim Kardashian and the Kardashians as a whole are a mainstream culture phenomenon. Her dad defended OJ, she became famous from a sex tape with Brandy’s brother (Ray J) and had children with Kanye West.

“America has been enthralled with this family for decades.” The PR expert said the booing of Kim at Tom Brady’s Netflix roast means two things.

“One – she was relevant enough to BE invited to the roast, and two, America loves to hate, and the chorus of boos that rained down on her means that no matter what Kim and the gang do, there will always be an audience for it,” he explained.