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The impossible finally happened.

The US government passed a bill that would force the Chinese to sell TikTok in six months. If they fail to sell it, the US government will ban its American operations.

The law will alter the post-Covid Internet. Since 2020, TikTok has been a growing social media platform. It changed how both marketers and influencers operate. 

It’s impossible to know exactly how the ban will shake out (could Elon Musk buy TikTok? Who knows!) But here are six facts about how a ban will impact the marketing game. 

  1. Brands Will Be Fine

Most brands diversify their ad spend. If they buy ads through TikTok, they also buy influencer collabs on Instagram and TV spots. A TikTok ban will have little impact on how they communicate. 

  1. TikTokers Can Bounce Back–If They Have Actual Talent

The biggest people at risk of a TikTok ban are TikTokers themselves. So, TikTokers have the most to lose. TikTok boosted many people into fame who likely wouldn’t have found notoriety on other platforms. Those who rose to fame because of an artificial TikTok algorithm will likely vanish; however, those TikTokers with actual talent–whether for comedy or modeling–will transition to other platforms: YouTuber, Instagram, etc. 

  1. Smart Influencers Have Already Diversified

If one social media site disappears, you must pivot to another platform. Innovative influencers have done this for years. If you look at the few influencers who have been successful for decades, many started on one platform, then developed followings on others. This is the difference between a Jake Paul and a drag queen who performed “Shoes” in the mid-aughts. 

  1. TikTokers Who Can Transition to YouTube Will Succeed

YouTube is difficult to break out on, but those who succeed on YouTube tend to be talented. They’re funny, charismatic, and/or understand virality. They tend to be less gimmicky than top TikTokers. TikTokers who can transition to YouTube will succeed, but they may not have as many followers. Beware: one TikTok follower doesn’t equal one YouTube follower. 

  1. Truth Social Won’t Make It

Meme stock investors may push Truth Social’s parent company, but it’s not going to replace TikTok for one main reason: The tech sucks, and it’s too political to attract a broad swath of America.

  1. Either Way, TikTok Changed the Influencer Game for Good

Ten years ago, few creators’ funds existed. TikTok mainstreamed creators’ funds. Even if TikTok disappears, these funds will continue to proliferate because they have helped platforms grow. Additionally, TikTok popularized new types of short content, setting the stage for Reels and other social media projects.

TikTok could disappear, but the Internet is here to stay. Smart and clever influencers will be a-okay.